13 People Who Think the iPhone 5C Case Actually Looks Awesome

The iPhone 5C is colorful! The iPhone 5C is cute! The iPhone 5C also comes with a ridiculous case that looks like a cross between Connect Four, a cheese grater and Crocs. Hmm... maybe that's where Apple got the 'c' in 5C. Most people with eyes think the 5C case is just plain ugly. Some people might be even terrified… »9/10/13 11:00pm9/10/13 11:00pm


16 People Who Got Screwed When Snowden's Email Provider Shut Down

The unfortunate side effect of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's email provider Lavabit pulling the plug rather than complying with the feds is that a bunch of terribly unlucky Lavabit users are now left without an email account. It's not every day you expect your email service to go all harakiri on itself because… »8/08/13 10:03pm8/08/13 10:03pm

16 People Who Think It's Really Dumb That We Can't Vote on Our iPhones, iPads and Xboxes

The general consensus amongst these hopeful people who are wondering why they can't vote on their smartphones: It's 2012 and their phones can pretty much do everything so why can't they vote on it? Or if they can't use their phones, how about voting on their iPads? And if not their iPads why not their Xboxes? How will… »11/06/12 1:00am11/06/12 1:00am