Science Just Made the Most Massive, In-Depth Universe Simulation Ever

Ever wanted to see what our universe looked like moments after the Big Bang? Good luck—it would take your desktop computer more than 2,000 years to complete. Luckily, researchers just published findings from the first ultra-realistic simulation of our universe's growth. And it covers 13 billion years. » 5/07/14 5:20pm 5/07/14 5:20pm

The Universe Is 80 Million Years Older Than We Thought

We've known for ages that the universe is 13 and a quarter billionish years old for a while, but now a recent study is tweaking that number just slightly. Findings by the European Space Agency's Planck space probe show that the universe is about 80 million years older than previously thought, bringing the total to… » 3/21/13 10:50am 3/21/13 10:50am