Thecus N0204 miniNAS Makes the Unfortunate Claim of "World's Smallest…

I can't think of another product category less served by the ol' "world's smallest" tag that gadget-makers continuously foam over than network storage drives. But, of course, here we have the "world's smallest" NAS. » 3/31/09 11:50am 3/31/09 11:50am

Thecus Five-Drive Network Attached Storage

This Thecus N5200 Network Attached Storage (NAS) can hold a lot of stuff. With five drives of 750GB each, that's—carry the two—3.75 Terabytes of porn data! Not only does it have 5 drives internally, there's an eSATA port on the back for expandability. » 6/13/06 7:30pm 6/13/06 7:30pm