Adorable baby stops crying whenever he hears the Star Wars theme song

The force is strong with this one, it seems. Gezi Parkı on YouTube uploaded a video of a baby being calmed by the Star Wars theme song. The baby boy goes from crying to silence to gleeful within the first few notes of John Williams' Star Wars theme song. This kid is going to be all right. » 11/11/13 9:36pm 11/11/13 9:36pm

Gizmodo Theme Song Contest: Vote for the Winner

The Gizmodo Theme Song Contest finished up last week. I compiled nine of the better entries and now leave it to you, the readers, the vote for the winner. The winner will receive of pair of Audioengine A5 speakers valued at $350. Big thanks to Audioengine for sponsoring this contest. Now, hit the jump to listen to all… » 11/13/06 1:56pm 11/13/06 1:56pm