This Is Why They Make Travel Adapters

Future Darwin Award nominee or desperate genius? Maybe both. But shoving things into what looks like a UK 220V outlet is probably not going to end well. Just ask the guy in this retro UK electrical hazards PSA: » 8/14/09 3:40pm 8/14/09 3:40pm

WTF? Latest Use for A Leaf Blower Kinda Sucks

You gotta applaud this overclocker's ingenuity in using a leaf blower (seemingly switched to suck) to cool a desktop PC. But the vibration you'd get makes me call shenanigans. Extra points for using a dictionary, though! [There I Fixed It] » 8/12/09 12:30am 8/12/09 12:30am

A Tribute to Splendid Half-Assery

Misadventures in do-it-yourself home repair, or lateral thinking of McGuyver-esque proportions? We've all pulled something stupid like this in our time. Hey, I once tried to fix a waterbed with duct tape, big mistake. » 6/29/09 7:20pm 6/29/09 7:20pm