Turn Your Mouse Into a Weird Noise Factory With This Theremin Webpage

Theremins are super fun production lines of weird squeeps and bloops, the de rigueur sound of kitschy black-and-white sci-fi movies and DJ rave parties alike. Anyone with an appreciation of music, or just noise, should play with one given the chance—and now you can do so from the comfort of your computer, thanks to … »2/15/14 8:00pm2/15/14 8:00pm


DIY Pocket Theremin Out-Classes Beamz with a Wave of Your Hand

Forget the crapness of the Beamz laser-harp music thing with a real touchless music system: the Theremin. The guys at Popsci have a MAKE-style DIY project online that shows you how to build a pocket-sized version of the classic device. Since it uses a light-level input system, it's a little simpler to build than the… »4/08/08 12:39pm4/08/08 12:39pm

Home-Made Synths from Tupperware Trip the Light Fan-Plastic

This is what you do if you think that your Tupperware boxes are too good for food, turn them into home-made synthesizers. Adachi Tomomi has made a bunch of them, including a video synthesizer and a couple of Theremins. Consisting of a simple battery-powered electronic circuit, the synths don't have perfect pitch. The… »3/17/08 10:05am3/17/08 10:05am

Dismembered Baby's Head Theremin is One Badass Musical Instrument

Looking for a way to make your music more demonic and creepy? Well, it's time to start learning the Theremin, as there's no instrument out there more unsettling than this baby's head Theremin that's currently for sale on eBay. Its red eyes light up when you play it! Holy crap, is it awesome. So scrape a few benjamins… »1/02/08 10:33am1/02/08 10:33am