Cook Anywhere You Please on This New Induction Range

Be it gas, electric, or induction, ranges have held onto a vestigial limb—a finite, unmovable set of areas to do the actual cooking. This new induction cooktop from Thermador, however, is smart enough to heat anywhere there's a pot. » 1/06/12 11:40pm 1/06/12 11:40pm

Super Safe Cooktop Automatically Turns Off When Left On

With safe operation features, Thermador's line of all-induction cooktops can detect changes in surface temperature and will automatically shut off for spills or prolonged use. Along with a cool-to-the-touch surface, quicker heat up times, and much easier cleaning, this cooktop is making us despise our current gas… » 8/14/07 10:14pm 8/14/07 10:14pm

Thermador Liberty Shelf: Motorized Refrigerator Shelves Are Way Cool

As appliance manufacturers grope for techno-ideas with little success, Thermador creates an innovative design that could actually be useful: the Liberty Shelf, motorized refrigerator shelves that move up and down to accommodate items of various heights. Sure, you can do this manually, but have you tried it when the… » 9/01/06 12:09pm 9/01/06 12:09pm