Webasto Heater is Activated by SMS, Pre-Heats Your Ride

The winter may bring with it romantic comedies featuring Hugh Grant, but the downside is the drop in temperature. Fortunately, the Webasto Thermo Top E Parking Heater allows users to send a text message to a car where it is installed, which then kicks it into action, ensuring your car is warm to the touch when you get… » 2/19/08 6:07am 2/19/08 6:07am

Thermo MP3 Cooler Plays Tunes, Keeps Drinks Cold

Going on a trip? Forget those standard plastic coolers. This Thermo MP3 cooler can keep 16 cans at 40 degrees F, but that's not the best part. The best part is the two speakers on the front that can take in any MP3 player and pump out your tunes while you're out camping. All this by just plugging the Thermo into your… » 8/14/07 5:50pm 8/14/07 5:50pm