A Full, Offline Thesaurus in Your Pocket to Impress Anyone, Anywhere

Sure, there may already be a veritable cornucopia of dictionaries, thesauruses, and other word reference apps out there, but Thesaurus Rex is the thesaurus app to end all thesaurus apps. Packed with more information than you could ever hope to know and fast to boot, this will become the last word reference software… »3/28/13 6:00pm3/28/13 6:00pm


Maybe Useful 15 Years Ago: Franklin USB Dictionary and Thesaurus

The Franklin USB Dictionary and Thesaurus is a 256MB thumb drive with Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and the Franklin Thesaurus on board. So, if you ever find yourself without an online connection, out of range of a WiFi connection, or without any spellchecking or thesaurus capabilities on your word processor, it might… »7/17/06 12:55pm7/17/06 12:55pm