Biker offers getaway to handbag thief, takes him to police station

This hilarious thing happened in China: A 29-year-old biker saw a guy stealing a woman's handbag on the street and quickly went to him to offer a getaway. The thief jumped on the bike but took him to a police station, where the thief tried to escape. I can imagine the guy's "ffffuuuuu" face as he entered the station… » 4/19/14 12:33am 4/19/14 12:33am

If You Stole a Car Stereo, Please Don't Ask the People You Stole It…

Anthony Trang is probably one of the unluckiest thieves you'll find. He stole about $2,300 worth of car audio equipment from a girls car and a few hours later, brought it to a car audio equipment store to get it installed to his car. The problem? The guy he brought it to, Eric Ford, was the boyfriend of the girl Trang… » 4/28/11 10:00pm 4/28/11 10:00pm

This Robber's Worst Enemy Is His Own Ski Mask

As much as we've evolved as a species, why does it so often feel like we haven't taken petty criminals along for the ride? Case in unfortunate point: this gentleman, whose plan to rob a convenience store was wholly undone by his inability to put on a mask while a surveillance camera stared and stared and laughed and… » 3/09/11 6:00pm 3/09/11 6:00pm

Unlucky Thief Busted For The Third Time in Four Months For Stealing…

In appears that 21 year old James Milsom is in the running for both the dumbest and unluckiest criminial in the UK after being busted for the third time in four months for stealing sat navs from undercover police cars. As you can see, the CCTV system in the vehicle did a pretty good job of capturing the subject-so he… » 6/24/08 6:50pm 6/24/08 6:50pm

Stupidest Thief Ever Checks Reflection in CCTV Camera After Swiping…

A mugger who stole jewelry from a teenager on a tram has dropped himself right in it, after he clocked himself in the on-board security cameras. The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was traveling with two friends on a tram in Bromley, a South London suburb, when he was approached by another kid who, after admiring the… » 6/12/08 5:20am 6/12/08 5:20am