How the NYPD Hunted Down an iPhone Thief in an Awesome Subway Chase

The subway is a prime place for phone theft. Snatch, grab, run. Whether you're getting on or getting off, you'll make a quick escape from your target. It doesn't always work, though. The NYPD managed to catch someone who tried exactly that trick by using Find My iPhone and following along on the ground in a righteous… »5/04/13 7:17pm5/04/13 7:17pm

Wow, Watch This ATM Machine Get Blown to Bits and Pieces By Genius Thieves

If you're looking to steal money from an ATM, what do you do? Try to wheel it to your house and smash it until it opens? Continually rob people who try to take money out of the machine? Hmm, what about just blowing the freaking ATM up to smithereens with explosives. That's what these thieves did. The explosion was… »4/02/13 11:00pm4/02/13 11:00pm

Thieves Torture Former Tablet Owner With Horror Pictures

"Frank Drebin"'s home got burglarized a month ago. The thieves stole some tablet PCs. Frank went on with his life—until he decided to open the picture folder in his Dropbox account. That's when he found more than one hundred pictures of these two, including some pouting mirror shots by the glamorous lady you can see… »11/28/12 1:56pm11/28/12 1:56pm