First Look at Mitsubishi's 1080p DLPs and LCDs, and What's That About Laser DLP?

Having had a look at the new DLPs and LCDs from Mitsubishi, due out this August, I'm pretty excited about what I see. The TVs are generally sweet, as Mitsubishi has joined Pioneer in the "higher end or bust" category. The DLPs have impressive viewing angles both widthwise and up-and-down; I hate when you get close to… »5/14/07 5:23pm5/14/07 5:23pm


Mitsubishi Launches "Thin Frame" 1080p Line: 8 LCDs, 9 DLPs

Today is a big day for Mitsubishi, which is augmenting its excellent DLP line with nine new models, and finally getting very serious about LCD flat panel, with eight 1080p models with assorted options ranging from 40 to 52 inches. Both sets of TVs are part of Mitsubishi's "Thin Frame" design approach: hidden speakers… »5/14/07 11:47am5/14/07 11:47am