There Shouldn't Be A GPS Tracking System In My Lingerie

I'm all for naughty, oh-come-treat-me-like-a-bad-girl-tonight scraps of lace. What I'm not such a fan of is trashy oh-come-follow-me-using-the-built-in-GPS lingerie. I don't care if it's pretty, frilly designer lingerie. It's got a damn tracking system embedded in the fabric. » 11/14/09 2:00am 11/14/09 2:00am

Finger Touching Phone Concept Gives You Touchtone Knuckles

The Finger Touching phone concept is perfect if you're not brave enough to have a phone embedded under your skin, yet still want to look trendy and futuristic. Granted you'd look dorky talking into your hand, hologram buttons or not. » 11/13/09 9:40pm 11/13/09 9:40pm

10 Human Functions We've Already Handed Over To The Machines

One idea behind a "cyborg life" is that we look to machines to take on critical, physical roles. These 10 machines illustrate how we have already begun passing the torch on tasks we are getting to lazy to do ourselves. » 11/13/09 4:00pm 11/13/09 4:00pm