Three Reasons Why DC's TV Universe Is Better Than Marvel's

Look. Arrow may be in a bit of a slump, The Flash may have made a few questionable decisions, and maybe Legends of Tomorrow was a little goofy for your taste. But it’s worth taking a moment to remember that these DC superhero shows—along with Supergirl—are giving us some of TV’s most absurdly awesome moments. Case in…

Supergirl Stuntwoman Crushes American Ninja Warrior Dressed as Wonder Woman

Sure, you’d think she’s dress as Supergirl for the occasion, but I guess Supergirl’s cape would’ve been a hazard while running an obstacle course like this. That said, her choice of DC superhero does not get in the way of Jessie Graff absolutely destroying this obstacle course like it was a walk in a National City…


Find Out How DC and Marvel Actually Create Their Memorable Superhero Costumes

On a comedy or drama, a costume designer’s job is pretty straightforward. Design, then either buy or create, the clothes that will be worn in the film. But on a superhero movie, once you design the costumes, they can’t be bought in a store.—they have to physically be constructed. One of the companies who does this is…

Ecto Cooler, That Neon Green Ambrosia of the Gods, Is Officially Coming Back

Oh joyous day! Sing, choir of angels! Just do something jubilant, because those kind executives over at the Coca-Cola company have kindly—benevolently allowed us another chance to purchase the greatest non-alcoholic beverage of all time, Ecto Cooler, just in time for the new Ghostbusters movie to premiere on July 15.