Watching These Bad Things Happen Is a Very Good Time

Watching terrible things happen, with agonizingly long set-ups leading to brilliant payoff? Sure, that's fine. But when you do it people dressed up in giant cardboard prop costumes, that's when bad gets really, really good. » 11/01/10 8:20pm 11/01/10 8:20pm

Benjamin Heckendorn's eDimensional Product is a 5.1 Headset

Remember that mystery product Benjamin Heckendorn was creating with eDimensional? Turns out it's a 5.1 gaming headset. The gadget, an AudioFX Pro 5+1 gaming headset, is a USB headset with a mic that has an integrated subwoofer and integrated 5.1 surround sound decoder. There's force feedback in there as well if you… » 6/05/07 5:45pm 6/05/07 5:45pm