Why You'd Want to Turn an iMac Into a MacBook, I'll Never Know...

Hey, here's an idea! Don't bother spending $1,199 on a new MacBook Pro, when you can repurpose your iMac, keyboard and Magic Trackpad with a remote dock for $135. I'm only half kidding. » 2/23/11 2:40pm 2/23/11 2:40pm

Thodio A-Box Bulletproof Speakers Are Perfect For Your Bunker

Back in 2007, Thodio made the lovingly hand-crafted iBox speakers. But you know what? That was then. In today's rough and tumble world, your iPod needs speakers wrought with freakin kevlar. Welcome, survivalists, to the Thodio A-Box. » 3/04/10 8:40pm 3/04/10 8:40pm

Wood, Hand-Crafted iBox Classes Up Your iPod

The Thodio iBox is a handsome iPod amplifier handcrafted out of wood, sure to make your desk look much classier. It's got a rechargeable battery that'll provide 15 hours worth of juice, and the two speakers deliver 25 watts of power each. You'll pay dearly to buy a speaker made by hand, however, with prices starting… » 12/03/07 11:20am 12/03/07 11:20am