It is Going to Take a Whole Lot of Thongs to Fight the RIAA

If you recall, a jury full of dumbasses recently stuck it to Jammie Thomas to the tune of $222,000 for downloading 24 pirated songs from Kazaa. Now, I don't know about you, but most people can't make this go away by whipping out their checkbook. So what does an average 30 year old single mother of two do to pull… » 10/29/07 9:20pm 10/29/07 9:20pm

Electrolux KaionWave: Waterless Washing Machine

The KaionWave is a concept from Electrolux design labs. Only intended for cleaning stain-resistant nanofabrics (which don't exist unless you count those Docker pants), the KaionWave uses ultraviolet-C light that can penetrate fabric to kill viruses and bacteria. Free radical oxygen pumps through the unit, breaking… » 11/19/06 11:20am 11/19/06 11:20am

ArchPort Sandals, Instead of Pockets

Summer's here, and a lot of the shorts you might be wearing these days don't have any pockets. But you probably still want to carry sufficient bucks around for those inevitable eventualities. Now you can stash anything in these ArchPort sandals, where there's a fitted insert nestled in the arch of each of these… » 7/11/06 1:44pm 7/11/06 1:44pm

Dogone Dog Fart Neutralizing Thong

You can stop squinting now, your eyes aren't deceiving you—we really did post a photo of a dog wearing a thong. But not just any dog thong! No, the Dogone thong is the "comfortable and least intrusive means for deodorizing gassy discharges", and you know you can trust it because it comes from the #1 name in… » 3/29/06 3:07pm 3/29/06 3:07pm