Book People Random House Teams Up With Games People THQ For Ebook and…

This will be one of those behemoth marriages where everyone benefits—a little like Brangelina, and we're all the adopted kids. Ebooks, graphic novels and online/console/phone games are expected to come out of the partnership, which will see books spinning out of successful game titles. » 4/04/11 3:50am 4/04/11 3:50am

THQ Confirms Project Natal for 2010

Even though Microsoft won't be so specific, we're all pretty sure that Natal is coming at the end of next year. Now even the boss of THQ (a major game publisher) has grown tired of the elephant in the holiday of 2010, going on record that Natal would be released "late next year." So why won't Microsoft just come out and… » 7/29/09 8:53am 7/29/09 8:53am

100,000 Apple iPhone SDKs Downloaded So Far

Apple says that over 100,000 iPhone software development kits have been downloaded since its celebrated unveiling on March 6, not a week ago. The announcement below is atypical of Apple: following the standard chest-puffing from execs such as worldwide marketing SVP Phil Schiller, you'll find exec quotes from Namco,… » 3/12/08 8:54am 3/12/08 8:54am