Thrustmaster's Glowing Lightsaber Wiimote Add-on Might Make Force…

We've seen Wii lightsaber attachments before » 9/28/08 5:00pm 9/28/08 5:00pm, but Thrustmaster's version actually looks like something we'd be excited in using. These add-on sticks are powered by three AAAs and have 17 blue or red LEDs for glow-in-the-dark action. Nice, but we're not sure how much more "gameplay" it'll add to . Bonus shot for…

Thrustmaster Flight Stick X: "World's First PS3 Joystick"

The amusingly named peripherals manufacturer Thrustmaster has launched the T. Flight Stick X, describing it as the "World's first PS3 joystick." This should be welcome news for flight-sim fans —as long as your favorite game doesn't exclusively utilize the motion sensor, which renders the device useless. » 11/19/07 5:20pm 11/19/07 5:20pm

Thrustmaster Wiimote Charging Stand, Controller Grips

Joining the $30 Nyko Wiimote charging stand, this $24 Thrustmaster T-Charge NW gies you space enough to charge one controller and even comes with a silicone Wiimote protector. The protector is pretty useless unless you're one of those people who engage in extracurricular activities your wife, but the charger itself is… » 2/20/07 4:30pm 2/20/07 4:30pm