This Is What Happens When Your Baker Doesn't Understand English

The scene: a woman goes to buy a cake for, oh, let's say her cat Whiskers's birthday. She decides to put a photo of Whiskers's face on top of the cake because oh isn't that fun and also she's a very lonely woman. She hands the baker a USB drive and asks that she use the photo. The baker smiles and nods because English… »2/01/13 4:52pm2/01/13 4:52pm


These Tiny Canon USB Sticks Don't Take Photos, Only Store 'Em

The mini Canon 5D DSLR flash drive of the other year has a couple of similarly-statured friends joining him at the flash-storage convention: an IXUS 200IS compact camera and Legra HD camcorder version. Both have the same retractable USB arms and 4GB of storage, but my heart will always belong to the 5D. [Behance via … »4/26/11 8:20am4/26/11 8:20am

USB Drive Proves Fertility Conventions Give Out the Best Swag Ever

Attendees can get some pretty cool swag at big conventions, but I have yet to see a product as functionally hysterical as this sperm-shaped USB drive handed out at the American Society For Reproductive Medicine's (ASRM) 2008 conference. I'll tell you what—whipping this thing out at while using your laptop at Starbucks… »11/12/08 4:40pm11/12/08 4:40pm

Butterfly Knife USB Drive Slashes Your Computer With Storage

It may not help you much in a fight, but at least you won't lacerate your own hand while flipping this butterfly knife (or bali-song) USB drive. It has room for 2GB of data and the nerd-friendly design is far superior to the stupid food shaped flash drives »10/16/08 1:20pm10/16/08 1:20pm we see so often these days. Although, the may give it a run…

Solid Alliance Silver Cross USB Drive is Holy Data Bank, for Goth Jewelry Geeks

Solid Alliance's newest USB thumbdrive will either appeal to geeky clergy-types, or vampire-goth-geek types, since it's an ornate metallic silver-colored drive that comes in a cross-shaped caddy. And it's specifically designed to hang on a necklace. Bizarre: both markets for this product can't be all that big, can… »8/08/08 5:39am8/08/08 5:39am