Look At These Striking Images Of The Thunderbirds Soaring Over Telluride

The Thunderbirds took a little photo-flight detour on their trip back home to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas after performing over Mankato, Minnesota a couple weeks ago. They hit Telluride, Colo. in particular where these amazing images were shot. Then they jetted down to the Four Corners for a snap over the Grand Canyon and… »7/19/15 11:40am7/19/15 11:40am

Photo of US Air Force F-16 Thunderbirds flying perfectly into the sky 

I love this spectacular picture of the US Air Force Thunderbirds flying in perfect unison into the sky because the trail they leave behind look like the fingers of a cloud monster giving the jets a boost into the air. And because they're above the clouds, it almost looks like they're flying on a Hoth-like different… »4/01/15 11:31pm4/01/15 11:31pm

Taking Photos From Inside Fighter Jets Is the Coolest Job Ever

For all the boring photography jobs out there—weddings, corporate, et cetera—Sergeant Larry Reid Jr. did pretty well to avoid them all and land one of the most thrilling jobs imaginable. He is the photographer for the Air Force Thunderbirds. His job is to fly with the team and document their amazing flights. »7/09/14 1:41pm7/09/14 1:41pm