The USAF Thunderbirds in a perfect formation

If this hadn't been published by the US Air Force, I would think it's a fake and those F-16s from their Thunderbird exhibition team weren't real but cloned and perfectly aligned in Photoshop to form a delta formation. It was shot at the Daytona International Speedway during a practice flight for the Daytona 500… » 3/04/15 5:48pm 3/04/15 5:48pm

Taking Photos From Inside Fighter Jets Is the Coolest Job Ever

For all the boring photography jobs out there—weddings, corporate, et cetera—Sergeant Larry Reid Jr. did pretty well to avoid them all and land one of the most thrilling jobs imaginable. He is the photographer for the Air Force Thunderbirds. His job is to fly with the team and document their amazing flights. » 7/09/14 11:21am 7/09/14 11:21am

I love it when Thunderbird F-16s fly crazy close to make a mirror image

It never gets old. My mind never stops being blown. The US Air Force pilots who somehow fly their Thunderbird F-16s so impossibly close like this will never become any less impressive. I wouldn't even walk this close to another human, let alone touch tails in mid-air. » 4/08/14 10:54pm 4/08/14 10:54pm

USAF Thunderbirds Are GO!

It's officially air show season, which means the men and women of the USAF Thunderbirds squadron are set and ready to do crazy crap in the air for our amusement. » 5/03/09 4:00pm 5/03/09 4:00pm