Watch a massive thunderstorm form in this timelapse

Man, this looks like some end of the world type weather. It's the type of thunderstorm I'd see in a movie and think the CGI was too fake. It's the type of supercell I'd see in real life and think it's all over for everybody. It remind us how small we are, how incredible (and scary!) nature can be and how damn cool it… »5/19/14 8:01pm5/19/14 8:01pm

BlackBerry Storm Has Multiple Personalities: is BlackBerry Thunder

So after much to-ing »8/28/08 9:00am8/28/08 9:00am and , it looks like BlackBerry Storms BlackBerry Thunders ("...and violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I" as a schoolyard song used to go.) The same device will bear two names: Storm for Verizon, Thunder for others like Rogers and Vodafone. It seems like there'll be an 8GB microSD card…