TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Review: Math in Color!

The new TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition isn't the first color-screen graphing calculator. It isn't even TI's first color graphing calculator, a distinction claimed by the TI-Nspire CX and its sibling the TI-Nspire CX CAS. However, the TI-84+CSE, as we're abbreviating it, is a major milestone in the 17-year-old TI-83 and… » 2/21/13 10:00am 2/21/13 10:00am

The Next-Gen Phones and Tablets Powered by TI's Multi-core OMAP5 Chips Are Gonna Do Crazy Shit

TI's current-generation OMAP4 processors are already hardcore: They're what's behind simultaneous 1080p-playing, Quake-raging BlackBerry PlayBook. But TI's next-gen OMAP5 chips are on a whole 'nother level of crazy. Multi-core chips built on ARM's fastest Cortex A15 processors—that ramp up to 2GHz each with another… » 2/07/11 2:56pm 2/07/11 2:56pm

The Microchip Turns 50 Today, Here's the Original

50 years ago today, Texas Instrument's Jack Kilby demonstrated the first working integrated circuit, or microchip. It's a crude conglomeration of just five components, but it was also proof that a circuit could be miniaturized by housing all of its components on one piece of semiconductor material, allowing all these… » 9/12/08 10:40am 9/12/08 10:40am

TI Builds Pico Projector Into BlackBerry Curve

Texas Instruments has expressed its intention to build its LED Pico tech into mobile devices before, but this is the first well-implemented example to be properly demonstrated. Crunchgear got a brief go on the Frankenberry, and it looks like it works just fine. While the small clip doesn't totally assuage our fears… » 7/02/08 9:39pm 7/02/08 9:39pm

Optoma To Launch "World's First" Pico Projector in 2008

Optoma is winning the race to build the world's first pico-projector, the near-mythical mini projector that can throw up a display much larger than the source device's—think iPods, digital cameras and smartphones—screen. Optoma's pico will use the DLP chipset, support composite video quality and run on Li-ion… » 6/18/08 9:08am 6/18/08 9:08am

Fruit-Powered Chip Promo Vid Shows Why Geeks Don't do PR

Being of a scientific persuasion myself, I couldn't help but chortle at this promotional video for the TI MSP430 Ultra Low Power microcontroller unit. Sure, the neat little device sucks really low current and is used in a wide range of gizmos like smoke detectors and the recent amazing Audeo voiceless translator. We… » 5/21/08 7:40am 5/21/08 7:40am

Mitsubishi 80-Inch MegaView Best Bet for Battlestar Bridge

How well equipped is your command center? Mitsubishi is currently trying to woo customers to its 80-inch 1400x1050-pixel VS-80PH40U "MegaView Wall" display. My guess is that Mitsu may see it as the last market for DLP rear-projection sets, now that everyone is pulling out. Though Mitsu isn't talking prices yet, the… » 3/19/08 1:00pm 3/19/08 1:00pm