TV Reporter Ties Herself to a Lamp Post to Broadcast In the Middle of a…

This would be hilarious if it weren't so damn scary: this reporter decided to tie herself to a lamp post 20 minutes before typhoon Haikui hit Ningbo, a city on the northeast coast of the Zhejiang province, China. » 8/20/12 5:40pm 8/20/12 5:40pm

A Tie with Bubble Wrap Is the Perfect Time Killer

I hate ties but I love bubble wrap. So do I love this tie with bubble wrap on its backside? Absofreakinglutely. It's the perfect time killer for office suits: sitting in your cubicle, fiddling with your tie, and popping air bubbles! Business in the front, party in the back. [Neatorama] » 2/20/11 5:00pm 2/20/11 5:00pm

Inflatable Pillow Tie, at Last

What can I say about the inflatable pillow tie? It's a tie. It can be inflated. You can sleep on it, and drool over your work desk at any time. Life doesn't get much better than this. [Pillow Tie] » 6/17/10 6:00pm 6/17/10 6:00pm

Tuxedo Shirt, Complete With TIE

Today, the timelessly tacky tuxedo shirt has been dethroned. I'd make yet another Star Wars reference pun in celebration, but I know that 100 of you will easily outdo my facepalm humor in the comments. [StarWarsShop via Uncrate via OhGizmo!] » 5/24/10 9:40am 5/24/10 9:40am

iTie Lets You Wear Your Goodies Around Your Neck

Perhaps an attempt at thwarting thieves on the street—or thwarting boredom at work—iTie has a concealed pocket for your iPod, mp3 player, credit cards, cigarettes, money and any other items that will fit. » 4/29/09 9:00pm 4/29/09 9:00pm

Thanko Camera Necktie Is the Stuff of Spies, Bored Office Workers

There is absolutely no aspect of your job that necessitates the use of a spycam necktie. I'm sorry, but your work just isn't that interesting. But that's why Man was given imagination. » 4/14/09 11:20am 4/14/09 11:20am

Vintage Gaming Ties Futilely Subvert Corporate Authority

If a red tie is considered to exude power and authority at some business lunch, then an Asteroids tie must allude to nothing less than intergalactic domination. » 2/09/09 5:00pm 2/09/09 5:00pm

Hands-Free Bolo Tie Lets You Chat, Be a Crazy Texan

If you're going to wear one of those wired handsfree headsets for your phone, why not go all out and make it a fashion accessory? This Hands-free Tie does just that, with an embedded mic on the "tie" part and convenient gestures for you to answer your phone. We say "convenient," but they're actually kind of awkward,… » 2/12/08 5:30pm 2/12/08 5:30pm

Suit Up Your Laptop

One thing that Apple has bashed into our heads, what with all of the Mac vs. PC commercials, is that Macs aren't very accepted in the stodgy corporate world. » 4/18/07 10:00pm 4/18/07 10:00pm

[Barry's Farm via Wired]