The TIE Fighter Is The Worst Spacecraft In The Star Wars Universe

I’m sure there’s going to be lots of people who disagree with me on this. Sure, TIE fighters look cool, I get that. And this isn’t about politics — I’m not an Empire-voter, but they did at least provide a good system of academies, for example. This is about the TIE fighter being a stupid design, even in the fictitious… »10/20/15 12:52pm10/20/15 12:52pm

Awesome short film shows Star Wars from the Empire's perspective

Watch this. Now. TIE Fighter is a short animation by Paul Johnson that shows a bit of Star Wars from the perspective of the Empire. It's done in the style of anime from the 80's and shows an aerial fight scene between TIE fighters and X-wings and is pretty much so awesome that Disney should make this an entire movie. »3/24/15 1:26pm3/24/15 1:26pm

The entire planet seems shrouded in one aurora in this space video

I would never get tired of looking through the cupola of the International Space Station, which is how I imagine Darth Vader's Death Star bedroom window. Astronaut/Captain America Reid Wiseman used it to record this great clip of an aurora. It makes Earth look like a magic green marble—or a palantir. »9/30/14 10:48pm9/30/14 10:48pm

Over-caffeinated TIE Fighter Combines Starbucks And Star Wars

Wired is having a little art contest to make things from the stuff you get at Starbucks, and to provide some inspiration, they showed off photographer Dan Winters' amazing TIE fighter sculpture. Everybody's favorite Galactic Empire spacecraft was made out of nearly 50 Starbucks cups, 216 stirrers, over 60 drink… »10/22/08 11:20pm10/22/08 11:20pm

Tie Fighter Advanced X1 Webcam: Vader Records Your Private Moments

The cat is out of the bag-Darth Vader is a sick, perverted voyeur. First he sat atop your computer monitor »8/15/08 7:10pm8/15/08 7:10pm and watched your every move. Now he his getting serious and starting to record the action (or lack therof) by using his Tie Fighter as a webcam. In addition to capturing audio, video and images, it also features…

Awesome TIE Fighter Speakers Flew Out of Star Wars and Into Your Living Room

Click to viewThese TIE Fighter speakers are from Question Mark Entertainment Nikko Home Electronics, and we have no idea what sort of drivers are in these two, dare we say, satellite speakers and their accompanying subwoofer, but if looks could kill, our Death Star would be completely exploding just about now. »3/14/07 9:45am3/14/07 9:45am