Clearwire Adds a Dual-Mode 4G/3G Modem for Macs

Sticking to their word about not giving up unlimited data plans, Clearwire's new 4G/3G dongle is compatible with Macs for the first time, and dances out alongside two more new modems offering up 4G unlimited data/Wi-Fi. » 6/17/10 11:47am 6/17/10 11:47am

Clearwire: We're Going To Keep Unlimited Data Plans Alive

AT&T may be killing unlimited data plans, but wireless broadband provider Clearwire is going to keep giving us what we want. Here's an explanation of their thoughts on unlimited data and tiered pricing—complete with a jab at AT&T. » 6/04/10 6:01pm 6/04/10 6:01pm

Time Warner Cable Putting Superfast DOCSIS 3.0 Internet On Hold Because…

It looks like the folks at TWC are bad losers. They are now considering dropping the planned rollout of DOCSIS 3.0 high speed citing that it was part of their plan for consumption based billing. » 4/22/09 1:59pm 4/22/09 1:59pm

Outrage Prompts Time Warner To Drop Tiered Pricing Until We Can Be…

Score one for the consumer—Time Warner Cable has decided to temporarily shelve their tiered pricing plan in response to "unprecedented customer protests. » 4/16/09 4:34pm 4/16/09 4:34pm