Apple Unloads Dump Truck of Updates, Including 10.4.11 and Pro Applications

In addition to updating OS X Tiger to 10.4.11 for both Intel and PPC Macs, Apple's pulled out their software dump truck and are updating almost all their apps. iPhoto, Pro Apps, Compressor, Cinema Tools, Color, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack Pro are all getting updates as well. In addition,… »11/14/07 5:40pm11/14/07 5:40pm

Rumor: Apple Charging $30 for Final Boot Camp for Tiger

Based on some documents they've snagged, MacScoop is reporting that the final version of Boot Camp for Tiger will run users 30 bucks. It will probably be dropping at the same time as OS X Leopard, which will feature Boot Camp natively. The beta version of Boot Camp currently available kicks the bucket at the end of… »1/21/07 4:15pm1/21/07 4:15pm