Tiger Woods: My Swing App Only Improves Your Golf Swing

Tiger is back on the prowl and on the golf course. And that guy knows a thing or twenty about both. His brand new app, Tiger Woods: My Swing helps your golf game by recording a video of your golf swing and analyzing where you're going wrong by identifying the key primary positions of your swing and lining it up to let… » 3/23/11 7:20pm 3/23/11 7:20pm

Tech Clues That Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Not that I'm condoning spying on your spouse, but we did talk about ways Tiger Woods could have avoided his current situation. If you suspect foul play, Suzanne Kantra has tips on how you can do some sleuthing with gadgets. » 12/11/09 7:20pm 12/11/09 7:20pm

Sext Messages Make Us All Sound Equally Ridiculous

Everyone's taking the piss out of Tiger Woods lately, but I feel sympathetic after seeing these text messages he exchanged with a lover. He sounds as ridiculous as anyone else would in lusty, loverly, silly, and random text messages. » 12/10/09 10:20pm 12/10/09 10:20pm

This is How the Evening News Should Be Done From Now On

The CGI recreation of Tiger Woods' accident was amusing enough, but a Taiwanese news show made some more animations to retell the whole crazy dramarama through awkward shower sex scenes, strange gesturing, and plenty of bad translations. » 12/07/09 10:30pm 12/07/09 10:30pm

EA Announces SimCity and The Sims 3 for the iPhone: Spore Coming on…

EA has announced that nine new titles are currently in development for the iPhone: Yahtzee Adventures, EA Mini Golf, Lemonade Tycoon, Mahjong, Monopoly: Here & Now The World Edition, SimCity, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09, Need for Speed Undercover, and The Sims 3 » 9/04/08 6:16pm 9/04/08 6:16pm. Many of these titles , but I was pretty pumped to hear about …