These Colorful Floor Tiles Were Made From Snail Poop

Stepping on snails is nasty—feeling the distinctive crack-and-squelch beneath your foot is all sorts of ugh-ack-yuck-ew. Dutch artist, designer, and scientific researcher Lieske Schreuder found a way to make the experience less visceral but arguably more disgusting, by creating tiles composed of terrestrial mollusc… »11/29/13 9:00am11/29/13 9:00am

Zumobi Browser Beta For WM5 and 6 Now Live: Content Partners Announced

The Microsoft backed Zumobi browser is now freely available to download for anyone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Blackberry and selected J2ME compatibility will be coming early in the second quarter of 2008.). They have also announced content partnerships with providers such as, MTV Networks, The… »12/14/07 10:20am12/14/07 10:20am

Microsoft Backed ZenZui is Now Zumobi, Announces Beta of New Mobile Browser

Our first look at Microsoft backed ZenZui came back in March when we discovered a new mobile browser that promises to make "painful loading delays a thing of the past." In a call today with the folks at ZenZui, I learned that they will now and forevermore be known as Zumobi, along with new details about the browser… »11/13/07 5:20pm11/13/07 5:20pm