These Colorful Floor Tiles Were Made From Snail Poop

Stepping on snails is nasty—feeling the distinctive crack-and-squelch beneath your foot is all sorts of ugh-ack-yuck-ew. Dutch artist, designer, and scientific researcher Lieske Schreuder found a way to make the experience less visceral but arguably more disgusting, by creating tiles composed of terrestrial mollusc… » 11/29/13 9:00am 11/29/13 9:00am

Philips Magnetic Tiles Let You Build Any 3D Display

I've spent the morning at Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and I've seen some pretty amazing inventions that may not be far away from a shop near you. One of the coolest was these magnetic LED tiles that allow you to build any kind of 2D- or 3D-shaped display by just attaching one to the next. The… » 8/25/08 3:40pm 8/25/08 3:40pm

LED Bath Tiles: Either a Very Good Or Very Bad Idea

The idea of LED illuminated tiles is a good one in theory, but I'm afraid it'll end up like fiber optic lighting and Bluetooth headsets in that people with no taste will take it over, ruining it for the rest of us. The waterproof tiles snap together Lego style and have a repeating connectivity scheme, much like model… » 7/07/08 8:03pm 7/07/08 8:03pm

SRS Roof Tiles Power Your House, Give Your Energy Provider the Pink Slip

Looks like those concept building shingles that double as solar-electric cells are getting a real-life counterpart in SRS Energy's solar roof tiles. Designed to look like "normal" roof tiles, they come in active and inactive tile versions, incorporating special connectors so wiring-up is simple. » 3/13/08 11:38am 3/13/08 11:38am

Zumobi Browser Beta For WM5 and 6 Now Live: Content Partners Announced

The Microsoft backed Zumobi browser is now freely available to download for anyone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Blackberry and selected J2ME compatibility will be coming early in the second quarter of 2008.). They have also announced content partnerships with providers such as Amazon.com, MTV Networks, The… » 12/14/07 10:20am 12/14/07 10:20am

Microsoft Backed ZenZui is Now Zumobi, Announces Beta of New Mobile Browser

Our first look at Microsoft backed ZenZui came back in March when we discovered a new mobile browser that promises to make "painful loading delays a thing of the past." In a call today with the folks at ZenZui, I learned that they will now and forevermore be known as Zumobi, along with new details about the browser… » 11/13/07 5:20pm 11/13/07 5:20pm