Travel Gifts For People Who Sleep On Airplanes More Than In Beds

There's a certain type of person for whom airports and airplanes cease to be novel, and start to feel like home. This is depressing, on many levels! Which is why these people need gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. » 11/23/09 7:10pm 11/23/09 7:10pm

Dealzmodo: Huge Timbuk2 Bag Sale

We love Timbuk2's bags » 9/04/08 7:00pm 9/04/08 7:00pm—they're smartly designed to hold a ton of gear and tough enough to handle the serious, just-plain-wrong abuse we subject them to—but the price can definitely be off-putting. Luckily, they've got a huge sale going on through Sept. 22, slashing 35-65 percent off a buncha bags. A couple of picks:…

Lightning Review: Timbuk2 Messenger with Specialty Fabrics

The Product: Timbuk 2 is famous for their trendy, customizable messenger bags with rock solid construction. You can pick different colors for each of the three panels of your bag to create a personalized product. Now Timbuk2 has added specialty (premium) fabrics to their designs.

The Price:
A custom medium sized… » 3/08/08 12:00pm 3/08/08 12:00pm