The Inside Story of How Olympic Timekeeping Is So Amazingly Precise

Three one-thousandths of a second is less than 1/10th of a blink, less than 1/100th of a heartbeat. But if you're a speedskater, 0.003 seconds can be the difference between gold and silver. So how are Olympics timekeepers able to get such ridiculous precision and accuracy? For the inside scoop, we talked to Omega's… »2/22/14 2:00pm2/22/14 2:00pm


Verizon Rolled Back Clocks Two Days Early, Get $20 Out of It

If you got hit with Verizon's early enthusiasm for the switch back to standard time—apparently a whole mess of people experienced the joy of an extra hour of sleep on Friday morning instead of Sunday morning, thanks to a mixup at Verizon Timekeeping HQ—you might be able to get $20 out of it. Some customers at the… »11/05/07 3:00am11/05/07 3:00am