Take a Stunning Five Day Cruise in Just Five Minutes

It takes the Norwegian Coastal Express 134 hours to get from Bergen to Kirkenes, a journey that's filled with lush islands, plush sunrises, and hushed twilights. With this remarkable time-lapse video, it'll take you five minutes. » 7/12/11 4:40pm 7/12/11 4:40pm

Watch 30 Timelapsed Mornings of Glorious Chicago Sunrises

If it's been years since you've been awake early enough to watch a sunrise. If you're a time-lapse nature junkie. If you know how beautiful the sun-kissed Chicago skyline can be. Doubly so if you don't. These are the first few reasons why watching Craig Shimala's Good Morning Chicago should be mandatory. There are… » 7/08/11 12:00am 7/08/11 12:00am

If This Time-Lapse Video Doesn't Make You Feel Blessed Living On This…

...Well, my friend, nothing will. NOTHING. 30 hours of footage shot in Victoria, Australia, took Alex Cherney over a year to compile, but I'm sure you'll nod your head in appreciation while viewing his majestic creation. » 7/07/11 8:20am 7/07/11 8:20am

Timelapse of Flight Between San Francisco and Paris Captures Northern…

After watching this timelapse video of 2,459 photos stitched together, you'll be bowled over by the photographer's sense of adventure—not to mention Air France's passengers' willingness to allow a tripod and DSLR set-up to click away every 30 seconds. » 4/08/11 3:40am 4/08/11 3:40am

This Is How Food Rots: Really, Really Grossly

Food, glorious food! For a while, anyway. Or if properly refrigerated. But when food goes bad, it goes bad—as demonstrated in this time-lapse video of the rotting flesh of dead animals and fruits we call dinner. » 9/23/10 10:00pm 9/23/10 10:00pm

An Enchanting Time-Lapse Look at the Greatest Show in Space

If you missed the Perseids meteor shower—and I truly hope you didn't—this beautiful time-lapse video of the view from Joshua Tree National Park should get you caught up. And fill you with more than a little wonder. » 8/18/10 1:40pm 8/18/10 1:40pm

Watch a 747 Put On Its War Paint

How does Virgin Atlantic make an aging Boeing 747 look like it just rolled off the lot? Four days, dozens of workers, gallons and gallons of paint, and one pretty sweet time-lapse video. That's how. » 8/16/10 9:40am 8/16/10 9:40am

Who Needs Meditation, When They Can Just Watch the Gundam Time Lapse…

This time-lapse video of the 1:1 scale model Gundam in Shizuoka, Japan, is the most visually stunning thing you're bound to see all day. Watch it and go into a trance, only to wake up and book flights to Japan. » 8/04/10 7:00am 8/04/10 7:00am

The Northern Lights Get Time Lapse Video Treatment

It's on my list of Things To Do Before I Die, but like most inclusions I fear watching a time lapse video is the closest I'll ever get. What a marvelous view. [TWAN via Boing Boing] » 12/29/09 5:20am 12/29/09 5:20am

Manhattan Bridge Doesn't Look Very Safe In This Video

All bridges move, but isn't the Manhattan Bridge—captured in this time lapse video—bouncing way too much? I'm not an engineer, but I'm glad I take the L line under the East River to get into Manhattan. [Gawker—Thanks OMGPonies] » 7/24/09 8:40pm 7/24/09 8:40pm