Microsoft's Hyperlapse Turns Shaky Videos Into Smooth Short Time Lapses

You may enjoy watching the hours of footage you recorded the last time you went skiing, but your friends are too polite to tell you how boring it actually is. So instead of spending days editing your adventures down to a short highlight reel, Microsoft has just introduced a new app called Hyperlapse that can… »5/14/15 9:00am5/14/15 9:00am

Using Twitter, Flickr, and More To Crowdsource a Wildlife Timelapse

In September of 2013, a giant wildfire dubbed the "Morgan Fire" burned through Mount Diablo State Park in California. It left thousands of acres of bush and forest charred, but researchers at URS have embraced the opportunity to study how the local ecosystem responds and recovers from the disaster, using crowdsourced… »5/19/14 4:00pm5/19/14 4:00pm

It Took Two Years to Get This Fog-Filled San Francisco Timelapse Right

The early morning when the whole city is still sleeping and the sky is changing from black to pink to orange to blue is the best part of the day. For his short movie, Adrift, filmmaker Simon Christen spent two years getting up before the sun to capture a timelapse video of the fog rolling in over the San Francisco Bay. »7/02/13 11:17am7/02/13 11:17am

The Only Thing Better Than a Fireworks Show Is a Fireworks Competition

There's something wonderful about watching things blow up in sparkly, colorful explosions. You might even have your own little display over the holiday weekend. But this explosive timelapse video of the massive annual International Fireworks Competition in Da Nang, Vietnam will make your backyard show look puny by… »5/23/13 3:24pm5/23/13 3:24pm

This Simple Device Makes Glorious Timelapses Easy—Even at Night

If the term intervalometer leaves you scratching your head, but you have the perfect idea for the next viral timelapse video, Brinno's here to help. The company's new TLC200 Pro makes creating timelapses as easy as using a point-and-shoot camera. And thanks to a relatively large, extra-sensitive 1/3-inch sensor, it… »5/13/13 11:04am5/13/13 11:04am

Ride Along With an Icebreaker's Two Month Journey In Just Five Minutes

You wouldn't think that anyone would ever refer to Antarctica as being beautiful, would you? After all, it's just a massive expanse of ice and snow, right? Well, somehow marine scientist Cassandra Brooks found a way to make it stunning with this gorgeous two-month time-lapse captured aboard the icebreaker Nathaniel… »5/06/13 1:50pm5/06/13 1:50pm

Bury Yourself Under This Avalanche Of Winter Storm Nemo Timelapses

Winter storm Nemo's triumphant entrance has come and gone by this point, and there's no shortage of documentation to show for it. After all, any aspiring snowpocalypse worth its (road) salt inspires an army of time timelapses that speed the storm's once fluttering bounty into a straight-up dump. Here are a couple of… »2/09/13 9:00pm2/09/13 9:00pm

GigaPan's "Time Machine", a Way To Pan and Zoom Gigapixel Timelapses

GigaPan, if you recall, is that incredible technology that stitches together hundreds of photos into a single, ultra-high-resolution image which you can zoom in and out of to view minuscule details. Now, GigaPan has updated their project so you're zooming in and out of moving pictures—timelapses. So you're not only… »4/22/11 3:00am4/22/11 3:00am