Time Magazine's Best and Worst Inventions of 2009

Sure, I could go into how NASA's Ares Rockets and Project Natal ranked high amongst Time's top 50 inventions, but when it comes to end-of-year lists, I get a kick out of what's deemed the worst. A drum roll please… » 11/13/09 10:40am 11/13/09 10:40am

Time Names Top 50 Inventions of 2008

Time Magazine has gone through all of the inventions of 2008, from walking chairs » 10/31/08 12:44pm 10/31/08 12:44pm to , and declared to best 50 of the year (and of course, a winner, which was this at-home genetic testing service by 23andMe). Many of their choices are predictable, like the . Some are easy to overlook, like the And others are…