Audemars Piguet's New Watch Museum Looks Like Frozen Clockwork

In way, the 149-year-old Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet already has its own museum: The town of Le Brassus, where it's located, is full of historic watchmaking workshops. But the iconic company is building its own dedicated museum anyways, and unsurprisingly, it looks just like the intricate movements inside its… » 6/13/14 10:40am 6/13/14 10:40am

This Clock Won't Be Late for Another Ten Million Years, Give or Take

That hunk of metal to the right is the world's most accurate clock, say people with more knowledge of time and atomic clocks than anyone else. » 8/28/11 2:00pm 8/28/11 2:00pm

Organization Freaks Will Love This Venn Diagram Clock

Do you make lists for everything? Color coordinate your tupperware according to food groups? Plan what you're going to wear weeks in advance? Chances are you'll probably love About-Time, the Venn Diagram clock. » 3/08/11 6:40pm 3/08/11 6:40pm

Simplistic Horodron Watch Concept Hides Subtle E-Ink Secret

Over at Yanko Design Jonathan Frey put on his thinking cap and created the Horodron. A concept for now, this simple e-ink watch will adorn wrists only if you ask really, really nicely. Hey, it's happened before... » 1/16/11 7:00pm 1/16/11 7:00pm

Complex $1.2 Million Manufacture Royale Accordion Watch Plays a Simple…

Manufacture Royale's Opera $1.2 million watch doesn't just open up for show, there's some functionality built into that unfolding, accordion-like action too. Minute hand repeater plays C#, hour hand plays in A. Your wallet weeps to the tune of "empty." » 11/28/10 3:00pm 11/28/10 3:00pm

The New and Improved iPod Nano Watch

The first iPod Nano watch, designed for Apple's new watch-sized iPod Nano, was basically just a nylon strap. Pretty unimaginative. These new funky-color silicone bands from Hex actually make Apple's diminutive iPod look like a not-entirely-ridiculous timepiece. » 11/05/10 12:20pm 11/05/10 12:20pm

Cross-eyed Timekeeping Arrives with Latest Tokyoflash Watch Concept

Can you tell what time it is on this watch? No? Stare harder. It' 5:36, told to your eyes by way of a clever optical illusion. » 9/26/10 7:00pm 9/26/10 7:00pm

Devon Tread 1 Watch Keeps Your Wrist Busy At All Times

Devon claims that their $15,000 Tread 1 watch, a motorized, belt-driven contraption, is "a big, bold sexy declaration of independence from the status quo." The status quo, in this case, being affordable, legible, sensible timepieces. But all those belts. » 4/20/10 4:00pm 4/20/10 4:00pm

Segmentus Clock Concept Is Half Digital, Half Analog

First, man made the analog clock. Then he made the digital clock. Then, just because he could, he made the funky cross between the two that looks like a digital clock but has moving mechanical parts like an analog one. » 3/05/10 11:20pm 3/05/10 11:20pm

This Quantum Clock Is 100,000 Times More Accurate Than the Atomic Clock

As Make puts it, the atomic clock is old and busted. The quantum-logic clock from National Institute of Standards and Technology, keeping time 100,000 times more accurately than its predecessor, is definitely the new hotness. » 2/06/10 1:15pm 2/06/10 1:15pm

Geocentric Watch Puts You At The Center Of Attention

There aren't many watches out there that can draw a crowd, but Geoffrey Cooper's "Geocentric" has that potential. The passage of time is represented much like the Earth revolving around the sun. » 1/18/10 4:00pm 1/18/10 4:00pm


The Westminster Chiming Grandfather clock is an obelisk of discarded toys. At 2.2 meters tall, it's also a monstrous, functioning timepiece that now resides in, where else, Dubai. » 1/10/10 1:30pm 1/10/10 1:30pm

Meet Two Timepieces Inspired By Supercars and Obscene Luxury

When supercar and uber luxury car manufacturers get together with masterclass timepiece makers, the result is going to be both obnoxiously expensive and strikingly beautiful. These two new timepieces are no exception. » 12/20/09 2:00pm 12/20/09 2:00pm

A Cylon Mated with KITT, and Out Popped This MK 2 Circuit Watch

Worthy of a sultry Number Six, but priced at a more commonfolk level, the MK 2 Circuit watch from Storm of London is one of those rare gadgety watches that actually displays the time in a meaningful manner. » 11/15/09 6:00pm 11/15/09 6:00pm

New Phosphor Watches Feature Curved E-Ink Displays and Non-Nerdy Style

When I hear the phrase "e-ink watch," I feel like the product will be totally unwearable for anyone not wanting to be instantly branded a dork. But the new Phosphor line gets legitimate style points. » 5/19/09 1:30am 5/19/09 1:30am

Ora ilLegale Clock Really Looks Forward to Daylight Savings

The Ora ilLegale clock tips to one side for an excessively elegant solution to the minutely irritating problem of daylight savings time, but it has to eliminate all its numbers to do so. » 4/18/09 5:00pm 4/18/09 5:00pm

This Is Like the Millionth Tokyoflash Watch, but I Still Love It

At some point, Tokyoflash watches will lose their charm altogether on account of oversaturation in an already niche market. Until then, we can admire their Hanko watch, which I can't seem to pull my eyes away from. » 3/10/09 10:00pm 3/10/09 10:00pm