The Best Gadgets For Aimlessly Wasting Time

Last week, we asked you to name the gadgets you love to aimlessly diddle around with—the tools and toys you can just pick up and play with for hours. Here are some of your very favorites. Warning: it's about to get real nerdy in here. » 8/01/14 9:00am 8/01/14 9:00am

The 10 Easiest Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

The Internet has changed the way that we all live our lives. It's also invented a whole host of ways to suck all of your time away. Here are some of the best. » 6/05/11 9:00pm 6/05/11 9:00pm

Two YouTube Videos and a Motherf***ing Crossfader, Dot Com

I could never capture the essence of this incredible timewaster better than its URL already has. I will add that it also features a "party" button, which you will click, and sparkly fonts, which you will enjoy. [, thanks Max!] » 1/21/10 8:20pm 1/21/10 8:20pm

First Interactive YouTube Game Is a Four-Star Timewaster

YouTube's annotations are usually annoying, but here they've been used to simulate that "find the difference in two photos" game usually seen in bars. Watch out for Level 16, it's a toughie. [Boing Boing Gadgets] » 1/31/09 3:45pm 1/31/09 3:45pm

A Few Stupid iPhone Apps

Benny tested out a few of the obvious timewasters in the iPhone App Store, including iMilk, Crazy Mouth, and iPint. They range from fun (the $1 Crazy Eye) to the dumbest app ever (the $1 CowToss), but a mixed bag is expected when so many apps come out at once. Normally, Benny does know how to drink a beer, but he was… » 7/14/08 5:15pm 7/14/08 5:15pm

Desktop Boxer: The Most Advanced USB Toy of 2008?

According to the product page, the Desktop Boxer is the "most advanced USB toy of 2008" thanks to fully interactive software and realistic boxing ring sounds. Users can control the boxer's punches and movement via their keyboard, and the device will keep track of successful hits on the speed bag. Personally, I think… » 1/14/08 9:00pm 1/14/08 9:00pm