Watch America's Tallest Hotel Get Built in Less Than 60 Seconds

The only thing cooler than gawking at record-breaking architecture is watching record-breaking architecture get built. The tallest hotel in North America, a Marriott Residence Inn on top of a Marriott Courtyard, just opened in Times Square. This is what it took to build the tower. » 1/09/14 6:40pm 1/09/14 6:40pm

Inside the Design of the New Times Square New Year's Eve Ball

The bright ball that hovers over Times Square on New Year's Eve is special this year. Sure, it's iconic and colorful and mesmerizing as it always is. This year, however, the ball will captivate us all with a brand new crystal coating. And, boy, is it pretty. » 12/31/13 12:00pm 12/31/13 12:00pm

50,000 Stills Of Times Square Are Almost As Chaotic As Real Life

If you live in New York you know how unbelievably frustrating it is to try to walk through Times Square when you have somewhere to be. Peeps be all up in your way. If you don't live in New York, you're either part of the problem when you visit or you just generally know to move to the side when you're looking at a… » 8/11/13 3:37pm 8/11/13 3:37pm

How NYC Transformed Times Square Into a Cultural Icon

Say hello to the world's most visited destination—Times Square in New York City. This single attraction hosts more visitors every year than Canadia has residents. This collection of shots from our friends at Oobject illustrate the Square's radical evolution over the past century from former NYT publishing house to… » 10/12/12 12:20pm 10/12/12 12:20pm

The "iPod of the Hotel Industry" Has a Giant Robot Arm For Storing…

Ever wondered what happened to Bjork's robot arms? They're hauling luggage in a Manhattan hotel, due to open on the 1st of June. It's yet another technological feature from Yotel, which dubiously called itself the "iPod of the hotel industry." » 5/25/11 10:20am 5/25/11 10:20am

Here’s a Guy Hacking a Times Square Jumbotron for Real

A few days ago, the Internet freaked out over a viral video of a guy who hacked Times Square video screens with a live feed from an iPhone. It was a fake viral marketing stunt for the new movie Limitless. But now a guy has done it for real-sort of. Adi Isakovic, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, tested out his new product,… » 3/23/11 4:20pm 3/23/11 4:20pm

50-Foot Models Invade Times Square Billboard With Polaroids And Kisses

Giant model steps over Times Square crowd, snaps Polaroid, shows close-up, leaves. Repeat. Nice little augmented reality billboard cycle you've got there, Forever 21. Oh! Except for when she picks someone up and waves them around. That part's different. » 6/29/10 6:00pm 6/29/10 6:00pm

Behind the Scenes of the 2010 Times Square New Year's Ball

The 2010 Times Square New Year's Ball is ready to go. They saved money and didn't add any LEDs, but they added new stunning Waterford clink-clink glass panels. Here's the insider look on how they did it, and why. » 12/31/09 11:00am 12/31/09 11:00am

NYC's Permanent New Year's Eve Ball Is the Largest Ever

At first glance, the new ball set to drop over Time's Square this New Year's Eve looks a lot like designs from years past. However, the updated ball is twice as big as previous versions (12-feet tall, 11,875 pounds) and it will be the first to be a permanent year-round fixture atop One Times Square. Besides its size,… » 11/12/08 7:20pm 11/12/08 7:20pm

Netflix Looking For Contestants to Break Endurance Record For Movie…

In the big book of marketing gimmicks, you will find a whole chapter devoted to breaking world records » 9/15/08 6:10pm 9/15/08 6:10pm. Even if unsuccessful, they attract loads of attention while helping to suppress any . That having been said, Netflix is gearing up for the "Netflix Movie Watching World Championship" to be held in Times Square from…

Toshiba's LED TV Screen Lights up Center Stage in Times Square

Only back in May were we talking about another Times Square display—Walgreen's one—and today Toshiba's news is about its new display there. Sitting 285 feet in the air, the 51.2-foot by 52.5-foot display is a 1280 x 1248 pixel LED high-definition monster that uses some proprietary Technovirtual technology to create… » 7/16/08 3:50am 7/16/08 3:50am