Timex's New Ironman Smartwatch Lets You Leave Your Phone At Home

For those times when a rigorous run or other extreme outdoor activity has you leaving your smartphone at home, Timex has created a new fitness-oriented smartwatch that doesn't need a constant connection to your phone. The Ironman One GPS+ comes with its own 3G connection for uploading fitness data or your current… »8/06/14 8:49am8/06/14 8:49am

Hands On the Timex Ironman iControl (Verdict: Great, But...)

Click to viewTimex teamed up with Apple for this Ironman iControl watch, which is pretty much a standard workout watch with one major difference: It has iPod controls on it. Communicating with your iPod via a little dongle that plugs into an iPod's universal docking port, you're able to control play/pause, volume up… »8/02/07 12:00am8/02/07 12:00am