There's Smart Functionality Hiding Inside This Retro Pocket Watch

After reports of their demise at the hands of smartphones were greatly exaggerated, watches are becoming more and more popular again, especially as they start to gain smarter functionality. That goes for pocket watches too, with the Tissot Pocket Touch gaining an LCD display, a touchscreen interface, and a host of… »2/19/15 12:51pm2/19/15 12:51pm


A Rugged Touchscreen Watch That Looks To the Sun For Charging

Long before Samsung's Galaxy Gear entered the picture with its colorful LCD display, Tissot introduced a touchscreen watch to help alleviate button clutter. It was far from what we would now consider 'smart', but it made accessing the T-Touch's various functions a lot easier. And while the latest version still doesn't… »3/27/14 2:10pm3/27/14 2:10pm