Are the Next Great Windows Phones Landing March 18th?

Two of the phones we're looking forward to more than anything else in this wide world are the Nokia 900 and the Mechagodzilla Titan II. BGR says it's got the word on the phones' due dates (and prices). Gulp. » 1/25/12 2:27pm 1/25/12 2:27pm

HTC Titan II Hands On: The Giantest Windows Phone Now Has a Titanic…

The Titan II is the good kind of sequel: It doesn't screw up anything that made the original a fan favorite—that 4.7-inch screen—but it adds everything they want. Like a crazy 16-megapixel camera, AT&T LTE and a massiver battery. » 1/09/12 3:27pm 1/09/12 3:27pm