This Wearable Pauses Live TV If You Fall Asleep

Fitness trackers can tell you how many calories you're burning, but what if you just want to laze on the couch? Your future wristband of choice could make sure you never miss a minute of your favorite TV episodes. » 12/22/14 6:30pm 12/22/14 6:30pm

TiVo Mega: A DVR That Stores 3 Years of Video (For $5,000)

So much TV, so little time to watch it. So why not stockpile, say, three years of the stuff using TiVo's new Mega DVR? You'll just need a spare $5,000 to enjoy its capabilities. » 9/08/14 8:00am 9/08/14 8:00am

QPlay: A Spotify For Video That Streams to Your TV

While Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku have shifted streaming content from our mobile devices to our televisions, they're often incomplete solutions. There's a whole Internet worth of video content—from news feeds to public broadcasting productions—that the Chromecast just won't play. But the Qplay will. » 2/25/14 11:00am 2/25/14 11:00am

TiVo Has a Prototype That Puts Your DVR Recordings in the Cloud

TiVo is showing off a prototype at CES that we hope launches at some point: a Network DVR that uploads your recordings to the cloud so you can watch them anywhere, anytime. » 1/07/14 7:48am 1/07/14 7:48am

TiVo has announced that its Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus DVRs will now offer out-of-home streaming, allowing subscribers to watch live and recorded TV remotely over Wi-Fi. It'll first roll out in the next weeks via an iOS app update, then an Android app and 4G streaming are planned for early next year. » 10/24/13 7:31am 10/24/13 7:31am

TiVo Roamio Lightning Review: Your One-Stop Entertainment Box

You've got a TV, cable box, Roku or Apple TV, Blu-ray player, stereo system, and who knows what else clogging up your living room, each with its own peculiarities and taking up space. When did watching TV become so much work? TiVo's new Roamio DVR/Cable receiver helps you do one thing we all desperately need to:… » 8/20/13 12:01am 8/20/13 12:01am

This TiVo Mini Extends Your DVR For $100 (Plus a $6 Monthly Fee)

If you have a TiVo in your home entertainment set-up and wish it could serve its content elsewhere, here's a solution. The TiVo Mini is an extender box which lets you stream to another room for $100—plus a $6 monthly fee. » 3/11/13 6:51am 3/11/13 6:51am

Soon You'll Be Able to Buy Stuff With Your TiVo Remote

Thanks to a new partnership between PayPal and Tivo, you could be ordering Girls Gone Wild DVDs Shamwows at the click of your TV remote as soon as this fall. There's just one glaring question, who asked for this? » 6/12/12 3:17pm 6/12/12 3:17pm

TiVo's New Set-Top Boxes Could Arrive in Late Summer

Riding high on its largest fourth-quarter subscriber gain in six years, TiVo has revealed plans for two new set top boxes. Summer can't come soon enough. » 2/23/12 11:40pm 2/23/12 11:40pm

Sad Blockbuster Abandoning Sad TiVo

Here are two nouns you probably haven't thought about in a long while: TiVo and Blockbuster, vestiges of the way we used to watch moving images in the recent past. Like what, Friends? Dante's Peak? I forget. Now they're divorcing. » 2/19/12 9:30pm 2/19/12 9:30pm

Longing for When TiVo Reigned Supreme

It seems like just yesterday when TiVo was a verb. But thanks to the drab overlords of digital cable providers, we've been forced to adapt the blander and more brand-neutral DVR. On last week's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon expressed her longing for days gone by. Personally? I still catch myself remembering to "tape" episode.… » 1/31/12 9:28am 1/31/12 9:28am

The New Tivo Elite Lets You Simultaneously Record More Shows Than…

Though it has already been spotted before, the Tivo Elite is out from hiding, and will let you record an ungodly four shows at once, with room to let you watch a fifth. I feel overwhelmed already. » 9/07/11 9:16am 9/07/11 9:16am

The Age of the $600 TiVo Is Nearly Upon Us

When they write TiVo's obituary, the last paragraph will be devoted to the Premiere Elite, a DVR that may cost more than your average 32-inch TV. But it recorded four channels at once, they'll cry. And we'll all solemnly nod our heads, and shrug, and immediately forget. » 8/12/11 4:59pm 8/12/11 4:59pm

Phonovision: Imagine Recording TV onto LPs

Only a year after being the first person to successfully demo a working television set in 1926, John Logie Baird dreamed up something called Phonovision. What was its purpose? To record television. On a record. » 8/11/11 7:30pm 8/11/11 7:30pm

The Insignia TiVo TV: A "Smart" Television that Isn't Dumb

We've made no attempts to hide our contempt for sloppy, inconsiderate "connected" TVs. So far, they've been thrown together with all the effort of a fad. But Best Buy's in-house brand has a trick up its sleeve: TiVo. » 8/01/11 12:01am 8/01/11 12:01am

TiVo Finally Has an iPhone App

Long available for the iPad, TiVo is bringing its talents to the iPhone. Depending on what type of TiVo you have, TiVo's app will let you cruise through the show schedules, manage recordings, fast forward and rewind TV and more. » 7/12/11 11:51am 7/12/11 11:51am

Yep, Hulu Plus is Now on TiVo Premiere

As if Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and Blockbuster streaming weren't enough—now TiVo Premiere owners can also stream TV shows from Hulu Plus. » 5/23/11 3:35am 5/23/11 3:35am

TiVo Customer Email List Hacked—Prepare Yourself for Spam (Updated)

Good morning, TiVo owners! I have some bad news, but you've no doubt heard about it by now, thanks to the email message partially pasted above. To everyone else: Tivo's email database has been compromised! » 4/03/11 9:00am 4/03/11 9:00am