TiVo HD XL Review: The Same Great TiVo Taste, Just More Of It

The TiVo HD is a good, cheap alternative to the recently de-listed »9/04/08 12:00am9/04/08 12:00am TiVo for people who didn't need all that much storage and all that many fancy features. But what if someone wants even more built-in storage than the 20 hours of HD that the TiVo HD provides? They've now got the TiVo HD XL. This beast offers 150 hours…

TiVo Confirms TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing Will Hit Series3 and TiVo HD This November

The rumors we posted are true: TiVo is finally getting its balls back. TiVo has confirmed with Gizmodo that TiVoToGo and multi-room viewing have returned to the new Series3 boxes—including the TiVo HD—and will be available in November. We are told that the hold up was DRM—getting the rights stuff figured out with… »9/07/07 12:07pm9/07/07 12:07pm