First Guy to Get Comcast TiVo in Boston Liveblogs the Ordeal (Sorta)

Steve Garfield got the email from Comcast that his long, thirsty wait for the Comcast TiVo was over, so he immediately called 'em up (after the online system gives you no way to order it), only to be told by the rep "I didn't know it was coming out so soon. Let me check if it's available." Since it's Comcast, you… » 12/20/07 10:00pm 12/20/07 10:00pm

TiVo-Skinned Comcast DVRs Will Cost $2.95 Extra

When the Comcast TiVo DVR software rollout finally makes its way to your area, you're going to have to pay a slight premium in order to avoid Motorola/Scientific Atlanta's crappy UI. TiVo's CEO says Comcast will be charging $2.95 extra a month in order to get TiVo onto your boxes, which should be a relatively painless… » 12/05/07 2:00pm 12/05/07 2:00pm

TiVo on Comcast Rollout Behind Schedule, Catholic Bear-Pope Shits in…

Captain Obvious is getting a promotion to Major today, as TiVo's CEO Tom Rogers says the TiVo on Comcast rollout is a "little behind" schedule. For those of you like us who are on Comcast's DVR (which stands for Dropping Video Regularly), TiVo has been planning to put their fancy UI on top of Comcast's current… » 10/09/07 6:00pm 10/09/07 6:00pm