Weirdly, A Reverse To-Do List Makes A Lot of Sense

It's fun to check things off of a to-do list, but often what's more important is remembering when you last did something. Is it time to change the water filter? Get a new toothbrush? Go to the doctor? If you had something in your calendar the last time you did it, it's fairly easy to check how long its been, but if… » 10/13/13 11:28am 10/13/13 11:28am

App Duplication is Apple App Store Fun, Awkwardness

It's App Store launch day, so there's bound to be a few bits of fun... check out To Do versus Todo in the image there, spotted over at BoingBoing. Different logos. Different spacing. And ... different pricing? Wonder if item #1 on both developer's list is "Fight!"? Updated: We've spotted some more amusingly duped… » 7/10/08 10:01am 7/10/08 10:01am