Captain America's "To-Do List" is different depending on the country

Here's a fun little easter egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: In the beginning of the movie, we get a peek of Captain America's list of things he missed out on while he was asleep. Things like I Love Lucy and the Moon landing and Steve Jobs fill up his cute "things to catch up on to do list" but the funny… » 4/11/14 10:08pm 4/11/14 10:08pm

Weirdly, A Reverse To-Do List Makes A Lot of Sense

It's fun to check things off of a to-do list, but often what's more important is remembering when you last did something. Is it time to change the water filter? Get a new toothbrush? Go to the doctor? If you had something in your calendar the last time you did it, it's fairly easy to check how long its been, but if… » 10/13/13 11:28am 10/13/13 11:28am

A Collaborative To-Do List App That You Might Actually Want To Use

Here are two facts about me. Number 1: I have a roommate. Number 2: Sometimes I notice that there's no more dish soap in the hall closet. If my roommate and I used a collaborative to-do list app we could stay coordinated for the communal shopping, but we prefer different systems that can't sync to each other. That's… » 9/22/13 7:06pm 9/22/13 7:06pm