The Roastie Toaster Concept Rotates to Reach Toasty Perfection

Who doesn't love toast? I don't want to hear it! It's taking bread to another level. But sometimes bread doesn't toast evenly! This Roastie Toaster is a concept design by Mateusz Glówka that not only has a lovely see through spherical body but also has rotating heating elements (those metal beams) that give your bread… »4/28/11 12:00am4/28/11 12:00am

One Man's Nearly Impossible Quest to Make a Toaster From Scratch

In 2008, designer Thomas Thwaites decided to build a toaster from scratch-and not the "from scratch" that would land him in Home Depot for a couple of hours. He was interested in the seemingly magical process that turns what we pull out of the earth into the stuff that litters our houses. So Thwaites decided to take… »4/21/11 4:00pm4/21/11 4:00pm

Designer Breakfast Wares Turn Your Morning Routine Into a Game

Designer Ivo Vos has assembled in "The Brunch" a routine-ruining set of kitchen accessories. It really reminds you to never take anything for granted, if you assume "anything" to mean "toast" and "coffee." We've seen a projectile toaster »10/07/08 5:40am10/07/08 5:40am before, but it was more of a tool of force than of precision toastmanship. Some…

V-Line Toaster and Induction Cooker Makes a High-Tech Breakfast

It kind of looks like a laptop if you ask me, but the V-Line toaster concept from designer Thibault Masclet is actually a toaster and an induction cooker all-in-one. It incorporates glass like other toaster concepts »7/30/08 5:50pm7/30/08 5:50pm, but the induction cooker on the flipside is a new one on me. To be honest, I would prefer a griddle,…

Concept Toast-Dropping Toaster is Real After All: The Trapdoor Toaster

We gave the Nahamer T450 toaster concept design a big thumbs-up for its simplicity... but it turns out that there's actually a real toast-dropping versus toast-popping machine. The Trapdoor Toaster does exactly what it sounds like it does. It's a 1400W device, with auto-adjusting guide racks so it can do toast, bagels… »7/21/08 9:30am7/21/08 9:30am