Playing Video Games With Your Eyes: Not As Cool As You'd Hope. Yet.

Kinect might be the big name in full-body motion control, but it's Tobii that's got eyes on lock. And while their past (awesome) demos have been interface-centric, now they're taking on games. It's not perfect yet but man do I ever want this to be awesome. » 1/05/14 8:26pm 1/05/14 8:26pm

All the Best Stuff from a Mildly Horrible CES Press Event

For better or worse, CES Unveiled is a thing. We actually find it terribly convenient—dozens of gadgetmakers under one roof. And we found some cool stuff too. Huzzah! We braved the throngs and fried-food-vapors for you, my dears. Here's the best stuff we saw: » 1/06/13 9:03pm 1/06/13 9:03pm

Second screening is what executives like…

I Just Controlled a Computer with My Eyeballs and It Was Amazing

We checked out Tobii last year, and it was pretty rough around the edges—just a prototype. But now the eye-control tech wizards at Tobii are back with a polished product, and I feel like I'm in Star Trek. » 1/06/13 7:11pm 1/06/13 7:11pm

Eye-Controlled Tablet Is a Stupid Application Of an Awesome Technology …

Do you remember Tobii, the company that promised to make Windows 8 desktops viable with intuitive eye-control technology that actually works? Now they want to bring it to their own C12 Windows tablet because, well, who knows. It's a pretty stupid idea. » 8/20/12 2:04pm 8/20/12 2:04pm

I Just Controlled Windows 8 With My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in…

» 1/08/12 9:24pm 1/08/12 9:24pm

Windows 8 has a gorgeous Metro and finger friendly swipe-y interface that's perfectly fine but so 2011. All I want in my life in 2012 is Tobii, a company that's made the future possible: you control Windows 8 with your eyes. Seriously, it knows exactly what you're looking at when you're looking at it. It's… » 1/08/12 9:24pm 1/08/12 9:24pm

EyeAsteroids Lets You Save the World With Just Your Peepers

Instead of flailing your arms and legs, or wielding a motion sensing controller, Tobii Technology thinks gaming would be a bit more civilized and effective if players used their eyes. The company specializes in eye tracking and control systems, and created the Eye Asteroids arcade game as a way to show how its… » 11/05/11 4:00pm 11/05/11 4:00pm