iPhone 3G Reviews Are In

The first iPhone 3G reviews have just hit, from Walt Mossberg of the WSJ and All Things D, Ed Baig from USA Today and David Pogue from the NYTimes. No one goes deep into the app store but here's what they think: » 7/08/08 9:13pm 7/08/08 9:13pm

Apple ]['s 30th Birthday

The Apple ][ was the first MacApple [Update: Thx for the fact-check, fanboys] I'd ever used. I spent Summers in Hong Kong with the grandparents, and one year I got computer "lessons" on it. When I say lessons, I mean playing Ghostbusters. That game came out in 1984, which is seven years after the Apple ][ launched,… » 6/05/07 2:51pm 6/05/07 2:51pm