Today in Giz

So what's going on today? A whole lot of solar power, that's what. Both a Nintendo Wii & an air conditioner get the solar treatment. So when those rolling blackouts come back we'll be able to stay cool and play some Wii Sports. » 3/21/07 5:20pm 3/21/07 5:20pm

Today at Giz: Happy Friday Thrill Ride Edition

Welcome to the Friday thrill ride that is Gizmodo; I'll be your tour guide. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. On your right, you'll see those horny USB humping dogs again, this time ganging up on a defenseless USB hub. And on the far right, be sure not to miss our educational gun feature,… » 2/16/07 2:15pm 2/16/07 2:15pm