No One Will Ever Make a Better Toilet Paper Self-Dispenser Than This

Despite the name Useless Duck Company, the creator of this utterly brilliant automatic toilet paper dispenser clearly has some great ideas when it comes to making everyday tasks just a little easier. With violence. » 12/05/14 9:10am 12/05/14 9:10am

Toilet Paper Trends Reveal A Lot of Crap About Your Country

We all have to poop, but how we deal with it changes with age. For babies, it's diapers. For the elderly, it's, well, adult diapers. And, for most of the rest of us, it's toilet paper. » 1/20/14 4:05pm 1/20/14 4:05pm

Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder Captures Memories You Don't Want To Keep

Even though digital cameras provide us the same instant gratification after snapping a photo, Polaroid's instant snapper still has a cult following. Of course, that also means that instant film is more expensive than ever, so if you're just a fan of the Polaroid camera's iconic design, this Pola Roll toilet paper… » 10/25/13 5:20pm 10/25/13 5:20pm

A Brilliant Toilet Paper Dispenser To Leave Crapping Campers Clean and…

Camping purists may prefer to eschew traditional toilet paper in favor of nature's very own brand of sticks and leaves, but to the untrained eye, becoming one with Mother Earth might might leave a lasting, painful reminder on those tender, poison-ivy-scrubbed nether regions. So for those of us who aren't quite ready… » 3/28/13 10:51am 3/28/13 10:51am

Adorable Toilet Paper Tree Lets You Proudly Display Your Extra Rolls

Why hide your toilet paper stock in a cabinet that guests will just have to hunt through when they run out? This stylish laquered steel tree can be mounted to the wall near your loo where it will store up to 14 extra rolls in plain sight, without looking like an eyesore. » 2/11/13 12:00pm 2/11/13 12:00pm

Secretly We All Want This Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

We all use our smartphones and tablets in the bathroom, but there's an unwritten rule that you do it discreetly, and don't really brag about touching your device while touching your... well, you get the idea. So while on one hand it's easy to be disgusted by CTA Digital's toilet paper/iPad stand, on the other we're… » 2/06/13 10:42am 2/06/13 10:42am

Keep Your Life on a String While Sitting on the Can

Ah, yes, the water closet: forever refuge from the inconveniences of life. Here's a new way to hang—and hang out with—the many accoutrements you use in your domestic temple of self worship. » 9/18/12 12:00pm 9/18/12 12:00pm

Toilet Paper: A Brief and Sometimes Painful History

Seinfeld excelled at criticism of the everyday. A few months ago, in a fine essay in the NY Times, Sam Anderson suggested that Roland Barthes was the father of pop cultural criticism and that we are all now cultural critics in the Barthian vein, "decoding everything." Perhaps. But if Barthes gave us serious criticism… » 8/06/12 3:20pm 8/06/12 3:20pm

Hands-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser Is One Less Thing To Touch In Public…

No one enjoys using a public restroom, but it's a necessary evil. And an evil that's made slightly more tolerable with Shikoku's new Camitool hands-free toilet paper dispenser that joins the ranks of faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers that never have to be touched. » 7/23/12 10:20am 7/23/12 10:20am

The Most Ridiculous and Comprehensive Way to Test Toilet Paper

Consumer Reports, bless their heart, prides themselves on being comprehensively comprehensive when it comes to their product testing. Even for toilet paper. Seriously, they've set up toilet paper feeling stations to determine the softness of each sheet. This looks like an Onion parody video. » 4/12/12 9:00pm 4/12/12 9:00pm

I'm Pulling This Rapid Dispense Toilet Paper Prank on April Fool's Day

Though pranking someone with fake toilet paper is infinitely more cruel, creating this fast action, rapid dispensing toilet paper will win you a more advanced level of laughter. Watch, when a person reaches for the toilet paper, the roll starts spitting out TP like crazy. » 3/29/12 4:40pm 3/29/12 4:40pm

Defective Toilet Paper Flooded the University of Colorado for Two Years

There are certain things in my life that I really, really hope don't turn out to be defective—seat belts, parachutes, the private browsing setting when I use my girlfriend's computer—but toilet paper might just have made it to the top of that list. » 5/05/11 11:20pm 5/05/11 11:20pm

I'm Pulling This Fake Toilet Paper Roll Prank on April Fools Day

Have you ever been without toilet paper? It's a horrible sinking feeling. Disgusting scenarios run through your head: should I squabble to safety, should I use what's in the trash, maybe my underwear? It's scary! Which is is why I'm going to pull this prank come April Fools. » 3/28/11 10:00pm 3/28/11 10:00pm

Are You Ready For Tube-Free Toilet Paper?

On Monday, Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper will go on sale in Walmarts and Sam's Clubs across the Northeast United States. If it sells well, it'll expand nationally, and then globally. Personally, I just don't know what to think anymore. » 10/27/10 4:17pm 10/27/10 4:17pm

Twitter User Brings Toilet Paper To Desperate Japanese Man

When he found himself stuck in a public restroom stall without any toilet paper, Twitter user naika_tei did what any clever man would do: He posted a Twitter message pleading for help. It worked. » 5/10/10 11:20pm 5/10/10 11:20pm

Google Is Reaching Way Too Far Into our Lives

I hate to say I told you, but I told you. The prophecy is true. Now, when it's just too late, you finally understand. [Style14 via Engadget] » 11/20/09 11:05am 11/20/09 11:05am

Regretsy: For Anyone Who Didn't See the Creepy Side to Making and…

As much as I admire people who believe enough in their artistic output to foist it on others for money, I knew Etsy had a dark side. Well, someone with the no-nonsense pseudonym Helen Killer just showed it to me: » 10/08/09 11:30pm 10/08/09 11:30pm

The Comfort Wipe: Because Basic Bodily Functions Are So Archaic

It looks like Lisa Simpson's worst nightmare has come true. Now all of America can say, "I wash myself with a rag on a stick." » 6/13/09 4:15pm 6/13/09 4:15pm

Office Machine Turns Your TPS Reports Into TP For Your Bunghole

Have you ever thought about wiping your butt with one of your boss' annoying memos? Well, now you can without fearing the dreaded anal papercut. This machine from Tokyo-based Nakabayashi can recycle your office paper waste into toilet paper right on site. » 6/01/09 4:40pm 6/01/09 4:40pm