Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder Captures Memories You Don't Want To Keep

Even though digital cameras provide us the same instant gratification after snapping a photo, Polaroid's instant snapper still has a cult following. Of course, that also means that instant film is more expensive than ever, so if you're just a fan of the Polaroid camera's iconic design, this Pola Roll toilet paper… » 10/25/13 5:20pm 10/25/13 5:20pm

A Brilliant Toilet Paper Dispenser To Leave Crapping Campers Clean and…

Camping purists may prefer to eschew traditional toilet paper in favor of nature's very own brand of sticks and leaves, but to the untrained eye, becoming one with Mother Earth might might leave a lasting, painful reminder on those tender, poison-ivy-scrubbed nether regions. So for those of us who aren't quite ready… » 3/28/13 10:51am 3/28/13 10:51am

Secretly We All Want This Toilet-Paper-Holding iPad Stand

We all use our smartphones and tablets in the bathroom, but there's an unwritten rule that you do it discreetly, and don't really brag about touching your device while touching your... well, you get the idea. So while on one hand it's easy to be disgusted by CTA Digital's toilet paper/iPad stand, on the other we're… » 2/06/13 10:42am 2/06/13 10:42am

Toilet Paper: A Brief and Sometimes Painful History

Seinfeld excelled at criticism of the everyday. A few months ago, in a fine essay in the NY Times, Sam Anderson suggested that Roland Barthes was the father of pop cultural criticism and that we are all now cultural critics in the Barthian vein, "decoding everything." Perhaps. But if Barthes gave us serious criticism… » 8/06/12 3:20pm 8/06/12 3:20pm